Yhemhi’s music style has always gravitated towards Afrobeat’s, but it is the way he incorporates Soul into his music that makes his sound worth listening to. He sings about complicated relationships, dark-skinned women and solitude in melodies that are not only catchy but addictive.
This EP features artistes such as Bizzonthetrack, El-nino, Olamide David, Bliizzy and Silas. All whom bring a certain tactfulness to this impressive body of work. His widely accepted single “Chocolate” is amongst this EP.
A collection that is steeped in his preference for storytelling. Each track, From the intro-to-Outro was subtly different and distinct through this journey of love, betrayal and healing, as Yhemhi shares personal and wistful moments. An impeccable album this is, with its tender ambience.

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