One feature, anticipated the 7th album pitch soar, revolutionary ardent Fuji infused into pop and rock, folk and soul, with the retrospect normalcy of his music reflecting relevant issues in the society; love and heartbreak, the waning state of Nigerian socio-politics, and mental health. Brymo has been characterized by music critic Kolawole Michael as “having doses of profanity couched in intellectualism and philosophical thoughts”.

Yellow has contrasting connections with sunlight, hope and happiness. It stands on one hand for freshness, happiness, friendship, clarity, hope, light, honor, and on the other, for cowardice and deceit. Brymo has described this album as being one about “love & Survival. The cover art is a rendition of Insight and Frustrations 2020, a painting by Nigerian artist Samuel Ancestor, seeking a relationship to the content? It shows mental acuity, also portrays Brymos two vices, merely speculation, amongst other unknown personal reasons Brymo chose this.
He is being perilously direct in OZYMANDIAS, speaking on injustice and people rising up against mediocre systems, inferring “are you my people not tired, too long degraded, scorned and oppressed?”.
Transfixed in clouds of reverie as I fall weightlessly through his words in A FÈÈDÚ FAN’NÀ and ÒRUN N MÓORU. The Yoruba augments the word depth.
BLACK MAN BLACK WOMAN is perplexing, “society creates the rules but women enforce the rules”? I am unable to decipher the underlying message in this.

Everyone and everywhere has personal difficulties and different challenges, BRAIN GAIN warns against jumping at opportunities without proper consideration, life can be difficult and personal decisions determine what one gets out of life, tough times help discern real from sham people in relationships.ABU YA is smooth sailing beauty and that’s my apex on this album.
What I think of Brymo, he is self-expressive about his profound philosophies, mystical and writes beautifully, and finds a balance rational ribaldry and impertinence.

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