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On March 20th, 2020, AQ released his eagerly awaited 10thsolo project, “GODS ENGINEERING”. Inspired by love and pain and tagged his last ever album. The 100 crowns exec entered the halls of irrefutable greatness with Gods Engineering. He drops this EP with Chocolate City boss, Jude Abaga, more popularly referred to as M.I Abaga, after a fan request. This beauty took just 6 days to create, and on the 7thday was the resting, like Gods creation “this is the story of how it all started”, a legacy in collaboration mixed by M.I himself.

The Live Report EP is a conjecture on the effects of global Coronavirus pandemic digressing to other relevant societal issues; the fragility of human life, fugazi people and their concept of death, to discerning in religion to reduce blind irrational in followership. Then the intellectualism of conspiracy theories taking the 5G misinformation as a case study. Question on Africa’s relevance in world dominance of tech and information, introspect on people wasting time on irrelevant things.

The track list starts with Tone of the Conversation, and there couldn’t be a more befitting start. From impeccable flows to belittling upcoming rappers, M.I long separated himself as men from boys. A-Q can’t hide his disdain for corporate espionage and accentuates on conspiracy theories on The Live Report.

As mentioned earlier, the discerning in religion to reduce blind irrational in followership is hammered by the two “Philosophers” on Jesus Said Use Your Head. The goal of this song is not to throw a stone at the glass house of religion, but preach against religious fanaticism and preach self-liberation through religion.

Big Daddy Jay was a nuance on Clap for Yourself, as his hook was lustre.

“Beware of double mindedness, there can be no fence in life, pick or don’t…”
M.I insinuates along with being self-aware in speech to not be caught slacking and the whims of suicide; “…seek help if you need, cause hard guy is unnecessary.”

Nawe’s voice will have you smooth sailing and A-Q is as invigorating as ever on legacies to be let behind and people’s reactions, all on When I’m Gone.

AQ talks societal issues on Braveheart, he discusses corruption, human rights, police brutality and the likes. MI, on the other hand, and like every now and then, talks about his supremacy in the Nigerian rap game, having better bars and  obviously, the paper, than these other guys. They can’t come close.

This EP is a superb project, reinforcing the significance of rap in regular enlightenment. Can two legends co-exist? The Live report EP answers your question. Everything they’ve achieved, they deserve.

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