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Thank The Lord” the third mixtape of fast rising alternative/afropop artiste, Abayomi Kehinde popularly known as Kehinde who is also the C.E.O of JOVENREY brand. The mixtape is a library of life lessons and the ultimate thing, love.

In the first song which shares a name with the mixtape itself, the artiste seems to have come in touch with his spiritual side and has returned to “Thank the Lord
for the blessings and progress regardless of what the enemies throw at him. Kehinde has always been one to put his mind in his music and seems to have his experiences in life influence his music. With the second song off the mixtape, he acknowledged that he’s been through “Phases
but regardless, has seen a lot of progress and won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“Can’t you see I’m going higher? Can’t you see I’m soaring higher? And I’m going nowhere”

He tells his enemies.

Still speaking on life lessons, the artiste sings about “So Many
things he’s seen in this life, especially pertaining to betrayal. Betrayals which are energy draining but he still won’t relent. On this project, and as usual, Kehinde is a lot open. The song ends with a little sampling off Sound Sultan’s classic – ‘Motherland’ as the artiste sings “..for Naijaaa, so many things make me want to burn area, area ooo”. On “Aponbepore

we see two new things, the artiste trying out something different, R&B and also an emotional Kehinde. On this 4th track which initially was dropped as a single in 2019, the artiste seems to be very much in touch with his emotions as he gives us a “dinner setting, love making” sound.

If you ever wondered if there was a duo badder than “Batman & Robin”, Kehinde & Babakelani would be top of the consideration list as we’ve seen them make beautiful music together over the years. The duo team up on track 5 of the mixtape “Jowo
Once again, Kehinde is in touch with his emotions and talks about his feelings and leaves us with a unique pickup like that would sweep any lady off her feet. I’m not spilling, go listen and learn!

On track 6, the fast rising act talks about the life of a “Superstar
over an afrobeat sound. He talks about the drip, the flashy cars, the fame and all that comes with that. He’s about to get there, he’s getting prepared. On the 7th song off the mixtape, Kehinde teams up with Frosty to create the banger “Baby.
Once again, he’s in touch with his emotions and isn’t shy to express the need for his woman. On “6&9
the song which first dropped on Feb. 14 as a gift from the artiste to his “lover” fans on Valentine’s Day. Like the other love songs off the project, Kehinde is a lot open about his feelings, but the difference on this one is the little sexual flavor to it. Highly recommend for a sex playlist.

While rounding up, the artiste is “Counting Blessings
as he thanks the Lord for providing all he asked for in his prayers. In this outro, Kehinde takes us to church as he preaches “give Him a chance let him show you”, its a summary for every reason to “Thank The Lord”.

The mixtape which debuted No. 16 on the Apple Music World Chart after 24hours of its release is an infusion of the artiste’s Fuji/Apala vocals and afropop instrumentation, is a compilation of love and life lessons. Kehinde is one artiste who seems to be highly influenced by his life experiences and doesn’t hold on to them but involves them in his art. “Thank The Lord” isn’t only filled with exciting sounds but it’s a thought provoking project.

Make sure to listen

“Thank The Lord” also charted number 16 on Apple Music within 24 hours.


Production credits: Hvrry, Trill Xoe, Babakelani, Lames TGM

Art: Bidemitata


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