GJtheCaesar releases his first single of the year, and features budding star Ayüü. The song is a smooth feel-good track perfectly suited to soundtrack springs and summers. It is produced by Nosa Apollo, the architect of songs like Lady Donli’s ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Games’.
‘Gyrate’ is a sultry blend of funk, house, and hip-hop, created with the intent of getting hips to rotate and feet to slide. GJ flashes off both his sublime vocals and rapping ability, proving his ability as a true double threat. Fresh off the release of his new project ‘Ayüüniverse’ where GJ is featured on, Ayüü provides a burner of a verse that shows why he’s poised to make a leap this year. The chemistry of these two artists is evident and their energy is infectious.
Gyrate represents an evolution in GJ’s sound, a product of a hiatus in which he took time to experiment and learn more about different sounds, as well as himself. Although born in London, the Nigerian artist is deeply in touch with both cultures and draws inspiration from the sounds and experiences in both locales, helping to mould the universal feel of his sound.
With a new project on the way, this single is a pacesetter for expectations, hip-hop and soul blending effortlessly with funk.



Only1Riddy is an Afrofusion & Pop singer and songwriter from Lagos, Nigeria. He releases new single – Mind, which is an ode to his girl and lover. He expresses adoration and reaffirmation of his love, as she is always on his mind.

Listen to Mind now, and enjoy!

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