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Frosty is on a path to greatness and you don’t even need more than an ear to know that. Lagos born Ayokunle Bakare came on the professional music scene in 2016 and since then it’s been bangers on bangers. With songs like Lobatan, Fendiand Cruise, the Blanc records co-owner won’t be stopping anytime soon. He’s often spoken of as an afrobeats artiste by many, but he thinks otherwise. While in with conversation him, he speaks on this and many more. Who is Frosty? And what icy stuff does he have in store for us?

Firstly I’ve got to ask, how did the name Frosty come about?

Lol, the name stuck from high school music group Looney Tunes Music. I was looking for a really cool name.


Oh that’s actually really cool. So how did this journey begin and how has it been so far?

Yeah bro so how the journey began was… right from when I was a little kid, I used to be in love with instruments yeah. I used to be a keyboardist actually, I used to play violin, I used to play a couple of instruments sha. And even all these improvising of drumsets, stuff like that. I always wanted to test sounds and play instruments. But growing up in high school, it was basically freestyles and I used to make beats… I started off making beats, freestyling, performing on stage and stuff like that. I had one feature but I didn’t have any single till Uni in 2016, when I did Lobatan, and guys just gingered me that “okay wassup o, let’s do this shit.” So I did Lobatan, then did the remix after… I think the remix came 2017, then I’ve just been dropping singles since then. But, it has been a fun experience generally. I used the word fun because I’ve been able to grow, I’ve been able to test different sounds, work with different producers and do what I love on my own playground *chuckles* do you get? It has been a fun experience.


Oh that’s amazing. So you grew with the music since you were a kid, does this mean your family has been supportive from day one?

Yeah bro, so as a little kid, they supported by buying instruments like the piano, the drums or whatnot. But on a professional scale… not really. Coupled with the fact that I haven’t finished school, do you get? So… not really on a professional scale.


But you’ve been pushing regardless. That’s impressive. So do you consider yourself a core afrobeats artiste? Or you like to categorize your music under other genres?

Yeah, if I consider myself as a core afrobeats artiste? The answer would be no. Because I won’t like to put myself in a box at all, and like… I like trying new sounds, I like errrr reaching my limits, testing myself to the limits, pushing myself. Asides normal… like normal stuff we’ve been exposed to, I like looking for new sounds. So for the sake of classifying what kind of artiste I am, I can say afro-fusion. That’s like where I’m from and a fusion of every other thing. Moving forward,  I may be tempted to even drop like projects under different genres like… a jazz project, an afro project, a pop project, a rock project, do you get? I’ll try as much as possible to fuse for a while but, I might want to even streamline at a point. So, you can expect projects that are just something different.


It’s great to see yourself as a multi-genre artiste. Versatility shows some level of expertise in the art. You speak about streamlining, does this mean you would, in the long run, be sticking to one genre?

Well, in the long run, I don’t think I can stick to one genre, but I can only like… What I can do is drop projects that are like different genre, like you just hear a different sound on a particular project, another project, something else. But, I don’t think I would stick to one thing, except if I create my own genre, that is.


Oh! I feel you now. Speaking about projects, you recently dropped a 2 track EP? Compilation? I don’t know what to call it exactly *chuckles* But were they previously recorded songs or had they been recorded since and you decided to give the fans something?

Yeah bro… To be honest mheen, that compilation was… maybe the two jams were actually recorded… I think they should be both over 3 years. It’s something I just dropped for my fans. Want to know if they’re still there.

Wow! 3 years? I had the feeling, it didn’t seem like new Frosty to me. But they were still fire jams. So should we be expecting any projects in the nearest future?

Yeah bro… Ummm projects… I’m yet to drop my debut project and I can assure you that it’s going to be an amazing one. Like, I have a lot of beautiful records I’m putting together on it, then I should also be on some collaborative projects with like two different artistes. That’s a joint project with me and someone. Undisclosed names, undisclosed name of my project. Everything undisclosed but projects would be rolling out this year, definitely.


So what’s your creative process like? Do you write your music or you just listen to the beats and then sing off the top?

Yeah bro, most of the time, I listen to the beat and then vibe on it. But sometimes I actually just like get a vibe from nowhere, like, a vibe just comes to me and I’m like “this is a vibe.” And I know I can like make a jam with this vibe. So that’s sometimes, but most of the time, I have a beat, then I just… I don’t even like writing when I even have the beat so much still. I just jump on the mic… like I don’t do too much writing writing, I just… it’s mostly a freestyle, then I write. There are different ways to create a song, there are different ways to attack a beat, so sometimes it depends on the mood as well. Like, I want to be in… like any energy can still be used for good, so it depends on when I want to record sometimes, I just wait till that point, before I finish up the whole process. Because that recording is very important, I don’t just want to write and then I’m not even feeling the vibe later.

One of your fan favorites is the remix of your single, Lobatan, which was released in 2017 and features DMW’s Ichaba. How did you come about that?

Errrr so, at a point I was like… I had a few options I had in mind that I wanted to feature, and Ichaba was a very good, like… a very good option because we knew each other from errrr high school days. There was this church he used to go to in Ibadan, ‘cause I did my high school in Ibadan, even though I live in Lagos, so he used to sing in the choir there, he used to drum as well. Me I used to play keyboard in the teens church. So, I knew Lavish from there, so, it was easier to reach him and work out the remix.


Growing up, what artistes did you listen to that you can say currently influence your music?

Wizkid, Drake, Fela, Burna Boy, Chris Brown and Kanye West.


You’ve performed at a couple of gigs since your career began, do you think you would be organizing one for yourself soon? You’ve got the songs to go a whole night man.

Yeahhhh, I would most likely plan a listening party for a project that drops, do you get? And I’m trying to run a University tour, so, that’s as for shows.     The Uni tour has to be after lockdown completely, and when schools are back to normal activity.


Sheesh true! This pandemic really fucking up the bag. So like, are you currently signed to any labels? I know you had some affiliation with Blanc Records at some point.

No label, just me and my team coming strong now. Yeah, Blanc was the label I started off with a couple of my guys but it’s folded up now.


Folded up? That’s sad man. Do you mind speaking about the folding up? Were there any underlying issues that couldn’t be resolved?

The whole movement was getting a lot more difficult as we were all still schooling in different states. It’s a company that still exists and will come back in business very soon.


Have there been any struggles working as an independent artiste?

Not really struggles, but lessons have been learnt. And I’ve been able to discover myself more.


Oh that’s great. With the sudden fall out between certain artistes and labels in recent times, do you have plans on signing any label deals soon or would continue to be independent?

I will love to get signed by a big label, most preferably foreign.


Hmmm… big man with the big plans, I love it. So outside music, what are your favorite things to do?

Anything arts and creativity. Also, I work with a few fashion brands as creative director.


Oh that’s good. Thanks for your time bro, hope to hear more music from you soon. God bless.

Yeah bro, thanks a lot. Bless you too.


It is clear that Frosty is one with so much talent and passion for the art. He possesses spectacular sounds which makes him stand out from his peers. He has promised us more music in the nearest future, so let’s sit down, relax, and anticipate the heat.





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