Loti and KD’s joint tape takes us on a journey through love and relationships in the modern day, Loti being the narrator and KD laying the soundtrack for the motion picture. The tape was released on the 18th of June, I talked with Loti about the project a day before its release and this includes some quotes from Loti about the EP.

2020 will be remembered as the year of the pandemic, but Loti & KD created a project that’s perfect for the times, talking about uncertainty in ‘trpn’, reminiscing about good times pre-corona on ‘time of our lives’ and ‘rendezvous’, Loti has always been fantastic at capturing emotions, and this is even more proof. The chemistry between Loti & KD is remarkable and the bounce off each other like peak Marcelo & CR7, the features on the tape are solid with Hyphen, and Fasina standouts.

‘Real life’kicks the project off and sets the tone for the entire project, as if to say the stories in this project are inspired by true events, as if to back up my claim the project is sequential with each song representing a mood or feeling that follows each other without gaps, with real life introducing us to Loti & KD’s motion picture and serving as the first scene – boy sees girl, which is followed by ‘Rendezvous’, a song about lust, perfect for grinding and slow dancing, backed up by a stellar feature from hyphen. It has one of my favorite lines on the project (probably got a girl but tonight I’ve got amnesia) – boy meets girl. ‘Time of our lives’ sounds like pre (and hopefully) post corona times before meet ups were unsafe and the world wasn’t on fire, and in the overarching theme – boy with girl. Trpnis the most somber track on the project, with Loti talking about the emotions that come with situationships with lines like (you’re a catch but I guess I’m not ready) – boy fights girl. Realer starts off with why you wanna trip, a reference to the previous song and the final scene in the motion picture, serves as a reconciliation and also an ode to his new found love. Boy loves girl. End Scene

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