Named after a strain of marijuana (cannabis sativa), you already know this is a cruise gay song, delivered by BadmanWade.
Not Coincidental this release came on the 4th of April, the annual celebration day to all marijuana smokers across the world. BadmanWade was formerly known as HughWademan, until a rebranding in January he deemed important as he got back from his self-induced break from mainstream music. This single is the first of the new Wade, as he retains this identity as an organization and creative brand whose influence isn’t just limited to music.
Sativa plays with the well-known normalcy of Afro fusion genre sounds, as Wades bass tone delivery eases into his story plot of romantism while high. Perhaps this song requires you in a particular state of waved to really enjoy it, because it’s actually bit regular when not. It has got a catchy beat but is lyrically uninformative. Inferring that this is first of more to come, it’s a good start for the new Wade, there’s a lot of expectation but is this really a comeback? Do listen and satisfy your curiosity

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