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As to the double sided nature of most things, the fame attached to music does sometimes take a toll on the artiste, beyond the constant deprivation of privacy by the public, while it establishes one’s relevance in the genre pool, it builds up pressure on the artistes. If you are doing everything right, then you leave your fans insatiable, constant pressure and expectations, impressions, sacrifice, doubts on longevity set in.
Following the recent Cynthia Morgan saga, and we see a disturbing tragedy around which circumstances surrounding her decline are in speculation. She has gone forward to rally support from the general public anticipating her rebrand. Its easy to blame people for one’s failures, wrong truths we tell to ourselves, pushing the blame and making ourselves feel better. In reality one’s fate is in their hands.

Although Cynthia Morgans claims have been debunked by irrefutable evidence proving innocence of her ex-manager Joy Tongo and Northside Record label boss Jude Okoye.

Perhaps, she initially gathered sympathy because this situationship of Artistes being placed in damning situations, battling legal issues and clauses in record contracts they have signed out of desperation, has been a recurring exposure over the years.
Kizz Daniel left G worldwide, his initial record label, and got involved in a bloody legal battle that saw him lose his name and all songs along with a debut album associated with Kiss Daniel, prompting his rebrand to Kizz. Kizz left because of some unbefitting circumstances he was going through while under his previous record label. Regardless, he went on to start his own record label ‘Flyboy Entertainment’, release his sophomore album, and still retained his top spot as a hit maker. Kizz seems unfazed by his past situation despite having to start over, and has made a gargantuan comeback.

Korede Bello’s debut album titled “Belloved” consisted of zig-zaggy electronic synth to a languid bounce, lyrically infused with nonsensical but catchy words, did not leave Nigerians smitten although reinventing some to become Bellovers.
Accelerate to nearly 3 years later, Bellovers have become awfully quiet, perhaps mostly decamped to uprising new budding artistes, music-starved and bored. No one’s fault really. What exactly happened to Korede Bello? Had to focus on studying journalism in university? Decided on a self-induced break from music? Well whatever the reason was, Korede Bello is back with a style revamp.

He retains his authenticity, still appeals to romantic keenness, but has a more mature feel as he debuts his first single of the year ‘Sun Mo Mi’. This single was worth the wait reigniting the previous excitement Korede Bello had, but I wonder if things will ever be the same, but better, as one cannot focus on his previous successes like ‘Godwin’, so we expect more from Korede Bello in the years to come.
September last year, we saw YCee finally open up about reasons he left Tinny Entertainment, he was being deprived of profits from his music and claimed he left Tinny without a single dime from music. Calling out the parasitic relationship between artists and middlemen who gain the most while doing the least. Selflessly showing concerns for other young artistes while educating them to not make mistakes similar to the ones he made.

Since getting rid of the leaching, YCee debuted his first project as an independent artiste ‘YCee vs Zaheer’ and this did numbers as he was more assertive than ever.

Twitter cancel culture warriors have been on a frenzy since realizing that Cynthia Morgan was at fault and using her false narrative to rally support.
Will Cynthia Morgans new music be able to retain the attention of her target audience the way Kizz, YCee and Korede Bello have? Will this be a successful redemption? Won’t take long to find out, following a tweet from Davido on twitter calling her attention for a song collab.

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