Psychi 2 by the Inglorious M.O.B

M.O.B is here to entertain, and do so properly, with clemency. Proving himself as a more than interesting prospect to negative criticism, and other young artistes in the rap game. The Inglorious attached to M.O.B is an adjective to accentuate his unknown status and may actually be short lived. With dreams worth more than gold, he certainly believes he is here to stay.

A Nigerian born rapper, Kogi state native but raised in Port Harcourt. M.O.B identifies as a traditional Hip-Hop artist and creates what you call soul music; can only be created by going through it, offering commentary on his experiences in life through his songs. After a couple of years of experimenting with 3 mixtapes, M.O.B officially started putting out music last year with a triple single run.

He releases Psychi 2, a 7 track EP which is a follow up to Psychi 1, from the Psychi sequel.
On Dreams, M.O.B pays his dues to people who believed and supported his dreams, regardless of how hard it has been, and reiterates his drive to make it with or without help.

Black President II is a brilliant incarnation of Africa’s Fela. He raps in his laid-back baritone on his natural talent for rap “Hip Hops in my blood, these other niggas fugazi.”
On My Drought/Glue’s Interlude, the switch into Glue’s Interlude was rather unexpected but pleasant.
The EP got seven song, also got seven good songs. Enthralling as M.O.B achieves good flows while retaining the cadences and delivery of his hip-hop background on beats that aid in conveying that mold. M.O.B is sincere on societal issues, not trying to judge, but rather create awareness, like on Addictions.

The satisfaction progresses from track to track unwavering. I know M.O.B, but you probably do not, something has to be done about his marketing, as making unprecedented progress in the Music industry doesn’t simply come by talent, but also recognition that comes by awareness. Breaking into mainstream doesn’t seem a gargantuan task to M.O.B, but time will tell.
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