Nigerian-US pop/dancehall artiste, PrettyboyDO, releases his second project of his 8-year long career. It’s an EP titled Wildfire. This comes after he failed to release the promised Prettyworldproject due to circumstances beyond his control. The EP, Wildfire, is a follow-up to his 2018 album, Everything Pretty.

The 8-track EP is a combination of genres ranging from Dancehall, Trap, Afro-Pop and Rap and contains 4 features which includes Nigerian rap legend, Olamide.

Prettyboy’s music has always come off as energetic and rebellious and the tracks off Wildfirearen’t any different from what the artiste is known for. He has created a niche which is somewhat gangster, for himself. Speaking to Fader about the EP – prior to its release, earlier in the year, the artiste had this to say:

“I don’t know if people hear it in the music, but my whole sound right now is about the pains of the past. This project is called Wildfire because I want to burn these industry principles.”

He goes on to speak on the ill treatment and unfairness he’s faced from members of the music industry, ranging from DJs, down to OAPs. People who’ll ask him to “envelope something” for them before they help play or put his music out. People who never showed support before he gained prominence, but want to claim some sort of familiarity now.

With songs like Waka, Odeshi which features Chop Life Crew member – Tim Lyre, Same Energy, Reality & Dey Go Hear Wehh, you can tell Prettyboy had a lot of altercations and disappointements from the past. He trashes these with his usual gangster energy. But put the pain aside, these songs are straight vibes.

On Mentallyand Bulala which feature Wani and Solana respectively, the artiste steers away from his pain anger and gives us two tunes on love and sex. Both songs remind me of his breakthrough song Peter Piper, from 2017.

PrettyboyDO’s music has always appealed to a wide range of listeners. It is not the regular Afrobeats that is prominent in Nigeria, but it’s easily acceptable. His sound is urban, but he also makes music for what Nigerians like to call “the streets.” He teams up with self-acclaimed voice of the streets, Olamide, to create the potential street anthemWetin You Smoke.

PrettyboyDO has successfully converted negative energy into positive content. He has created a very beautiful thing with his thought provoking lyrics and rebellious energy. The EP gives you good vibes and makes you want to spread Wildfire.

Production Credits: Higo, Dare, Adey, Princeboom, Aylo, Telz, HVRRY

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