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“My name is Daystar Peterson, and I’m going to be the greatest rapper ever”, the year is 2008 and he is 16 years old as he makes this promise. Fast forward to more than a decade after, and Tory made good on his promise to himself. Tory’s last NEW TORONTO album was in 2015, and NEW TORONTO 3 marks a new era in his life. This is his last album with his record label; Interscope records and now he is a free independent artiste. Tory says he plans to revise his sound, and new Toronto 3 is a taste of that magic.
With an impressive 16-track offering, showing off Tory’s versatility. On this terminus, Tory opens with the flex of being one of the best; earning like one of the best, on “Pricey and Spicy”. Some of the songs tell lessons he learnt in life the hard way, there’s nothing Disney about Tory’s success, he raps explicably from his childhood traumas in “P.A.I.N” to his difficulties in finding love that have left him addlepated and damaged on “Who Needs Love”.
This is as a novel trailing multiple narratives per chapter. What I call soul rap, old rap, stuff that can only be created by you going through it. Tory turned his life around for the better, and has current good days with some terrible pieces in his past, like the hazards of drug dealing to scamming in “Accidents happen” and “Dope Boys Diary”, he concludes this masterpiece with “MSG 4 GODS CHILDREN”, “I’m part of Jehovah army, I know where I belong”, words of advice for people to turn to God for their soul searching. Throughout he balances real originality with his accustomed autotuning.

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