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Named after the prominent Nigerian international airport in Lagos. This single by kelviin57 features Big Daddy Kave and Tochi Bedford with Shwoff pon this beat. Boy wonders band and put together this get high song. The planes provide context to the soar when high. Kpoli supposedly refers to weed. They provided an insight into the inspiration behind the production and their self-expressions;
Kelvin 57: “Actually my inspiration was “marijuana”, caught a vibe after a session and hopped on the beat and started spitting anything that jumped into my head.

Shwoff: I made it like a day before, didn’t fuck with it, so I left it, next day I was just playing beats while we were all in the room. Mistakenly played that and everyone was gassed, switched over to perusing and basically finished it up there, I was really just playing with sounds, trying to do something different because I get tired of making the same beats all the time, it was an inane attempt that came out great.

Tochi Bedford: guy, you guys (57 & BDK) inspired my verse hysterically, you know I don’t even smoke, but I talked about linking up with my guys that smoke and chill, then going on about my intriguing adventures with my guys that smoke are always exciting.

Big Daddy Kave: I was off a session, crazy cause 57 wasn’t in mine, then he abruptly drops his verse off the top one take, I precede him come out bussing one take too. I didn’t even know Tochi was going to be on it. I just heard him on the draft, came as a pleasant startlement.

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