Music is a Swiss army knife that finds a new function based on the artist wielding.  In the hands of Tomilola, music is a mirror to reflect life experiences from general life happenings to personal life experiences and stories crafted in her vivid imagination. As an independent artist, she got off to a previous start under the name Atawęwę, collaborating with artists like Shalom Dubas and Jinmi Abduls, and already showing off her ability for autobiographical and reflective songwriting. Songs like ‘Want You to Know’ provided a look at how unafraid she was to look inwards and share her feelings in a stark and vivid way. As she has moved back home to Nigeria to take some time to focus purely on music, she is ready to reconnect with her roots as she enters into a fresh start. Combining RnB and soul with afro-fusion flavour, her music will grab onto listeners’ ears as her writing captures their hearts.

In July of 2020, Tomilola released her debut single under her new moniker and began the rebirth of her special artistry. Her confidence and shared vulnerability about understanding the need to be free of any and all things that can hold one back resonated with a large number of people and led to the independent success of her single – Let Go ft. The Cavemen. In the second single from Tomilola, a follow up to her breakout record – Let Go – we understand more that Tomilola’s music is here to help people get closer to freedom.

‘Mo Yato’ means “I’m different” in Yoruba. The song talks about the restless feeling that comes from not living your truth. This song expresses breaking away from typical judgement, encouraging acceptance and being yourself, especially if it scares you. Tomilola sounds like the female R&B artistes of the early 2000s, her voice is rich and textured and she sings with a certain maturity that isn’t common in this age, this is by no means a bad thing, her voice is confident and that confidence shines all through the track. It’s a beautiful listen.

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