On TOAST, MisterKay delves deeply into his own bag of
versatility as he successfully fuses his alternative sound
with the soulful sounds of his longtime producer ‘MASTER
MAISON’ on this perfectly crafted project.
The first track titled “Diego” immediately soaks listeners in a soulful, and groovy sensation as he effortlessly praises
the artsy figure and rhythmic movement of his lover’s while
he hints at his insatiable desire for her.

On track 2, his love for “Dirty Diana” is a bittersweet battle. Like desperate architects, the foundation of their love constructs nothing but toxicity and unstable ground. However, it isn’t a
derelict as MisterKay is determined to reconstruct and
remedy all wrongs to create a solid ground for love. Both
songs give off a sensual groove and will definitely hit the
hard walls of your heart by putting you in your feelings.

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