Mavin Records’ Newest Sensation, Bayanni, Comes with a Hot EP

Just a few days ago, Mavin Records unveiled a new, young talent known as Bayanni. Taking to social media, Don Jazzy, the frontman of Mavin, wrote, “It’s that time again when we bring to you another young talent from the Mavin Academy. Meet BAYANNI. He has gone through a series of defining moments and is ready to be unveiled to the world.” This confirms Bayanni’s virtuosity as he is reasoned to have been adequately prepared for stardom. Consequently, the 25-year-old swoops in with an eponymous EP that carries four solid tracks: “Body”, “Ta Ta Ta”, “Family”, and “Kala”. The overall project sees Don Jazzy as its executive producer, but talents like Prestige, Sparrq Beatz, etc, shine on individual songs contained within the EP.

Born in Alagbado, Lagos to a middle-class family, Bayanni tapped into his music talents pretty early, playing instruments and working actively in the music department of his church to further harness his skills. His passion accompanied him to school where he graduated with an accounting degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU). Previously known as Zhenoboy, Bayanni falls in line after Boy Spyce as the second Mavin Records signee in 2022. Though his name is currently making rounds due to his new accomplishment, he has been present in the music industry for a while through the amazing covers of songs by famous stars which he frequently created and posted on social media.


His EP, Bayanni, is an apt representation of the artist’s versatility within the sound range. He opens the EP with a groovy, Afropop tempo via the first two fast-paced songs: “Body” and “Ta Ta Ta”, but slows it down a bit in “Family”. On that song, he lays out a raw and brutally honest image of his life and his struggles. He asserts, “Steady hustle I no dey rest o… / Just another boy from the ghetto / I be looking for daily bread o”. Investigating his career journey and how far he has come in his music would show that no lies were told on the song. However, he switches the sober mood which he sets in “Family” as he transitions to the last song on the EP, “Kala”. Here, we’re presented with the more familiar side of Bayanni — that is, the lover-boy who serenades his love interest with witty declarations like “Gimme chance make I chop you like cabbage”.


The meteoric rise of many artists who have been accommodated in the Mavin Records family sets a positive precedent for Bayanni. Thus, it is with no uncertainties that the public accepts this new talent. Through consistent ingenuity and dexterity, Bayanni is guaranteed to soar in the music industry.

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