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“Its music or nothing”, Talksiick chases his dream with a precise determination. Awe-inspiring as he debuts this EP titled ‘Love is Siick’, an introspection of the conditioned emotional response. A cardinal number of 7 tracks, with a pre-released song ‘Friendzone’. Although not exactly new to the music scenery, with a couple of singles and features, his consistency has facilitated the development of the melodical genius we now enjoy, no doubt, progress has been made.

There’s been a pre-existing suspense to the release of this EP, so a mystique has been built up already translating to expectations. He teased this project to be a fusion of modern pop melodies on dancehall and afro drums. The EP was hinted to drop late last month and was then delayed for reasons best known to the artiste. Talksiick finally lets the cat out of the bag about a month later, and here’s what I think about it;

It opens with ‘Don’t Leave’, an interlude which is supposedly the Intro of the EP, a conversation between lovers; from Talksiick motivating a partner with his tenacity, to a situation that seems like the dissolution of a relationship.

Acknowledging one for being there for you in tough times is a courtesy, all Talksiick does on ‘Hold me down’.

Party’ features Dapsy Ade & Meso, the beat is a cross between R&B, dancehall and dance-pop with the defining organ chords of EDM. On it, they sing about being fixated by a party animal, one that isn’t considered exuberant or excessive, but fun.

In common culture, a friendzone is a situation involving unreciprocated romantic feelings, Talksiick sings on leaving this deplorable state behind on ‘Friendzone’. It has got a good hook, a sonic beauty accentuated with the backing vocals. It features chocolate city rapper Ckay.

Mr Boombastic and Talksiick. Wait, Talksiick also raps? Blaqbonez is playful with a normalcy to it, as he delivers flows over a groovy vibe.

An existential crisis where one is addlepated on whether to leave or remain in a relationship, ‘Need to talk’ asks for an elucidation, this features RexoftheWest.

More Time’ portrays struggling to prolong a romantic experience, hence the request for more time. Remy Baggins and Talksiick have a blissful harmony, and make this a congruent body of work.

This EP is a decent attempt as an artistic evolution. This meticulous approach is commendable. It is a project that sticks with a theme, and delivers some infectious harmonies, with ‘Party’ as my Apex. For a debut album, this was sick.

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