Nigerian born rapper, singer, record producer, actor and entrepreneur; Mobereoluwafifunmi Olopade, more popularly known as HIGHONFI has been an upcoming artist for some time now. With successful releases like “Birthday” featured on Nigerian Billboard charts and two albums; WHILE YOU WAIT in 2018 and a collab album with LooLoo titled RICH, YUNG & ROCKSTAR. His previously dropped single this year “KOMC” (King of my city), was centering around his journey as a young Nigerian artist from Lagos, eventually progressing to the USA.

The new MIXTAPE HOME ALONE features the noteworthy YUNG6IX. It’s an unoriginal piece of art, involving sampling already popular beats. MEDICINE harbors a controversial statement “fuck the quarantine, come over”, whatever the intent, is misplaced with sharp contrast to the ongoing health crisis, the other lyrical content in this particular record is easily deciphered relative to situations arising.

Thematically, HIGHONFI focuses on love and his interaction with his ladies. All the records here are inspired by women and throws light on his various interactions with them.

Listening for the umpteenth time and seeking the form of self-expression I’ve heard in his past songs, simply non-existent. Shouldn’t progress be positive? There’s always room for improvement. This project is all about vibes than actual substance. He nailed it, if he was going for a collation of records to test waters, otherwise…

CORONAVIRAL is a favorite. He is a young artist, still growing along with his fan base. Noteworthy, the fusion of afro beats, pop and hip hop was pulled off amazingly.



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