Ever since he bolstered his unrelenting strong desire for music, Joey B has come a long way in establishing himself with a rap prowess.

The Ghanaian rapper exhibits a newfound precocity with an effortless transversion across mainstream and increasingly popular genre, Alte. The rapper describes LAVA FEELS as “just a collection of songs.” This would interpret as perhaps an intentional minimalism downplay of expectations.

‘LAVA FEELS’ is truly somewhat different from what he’s known for. Joey B on the nine-track project proclaims a revamp with “I’m a different type of guy.”

Joey acknowledges his growth, contrasting with difficulties he faced while coming up and the success he now enjoys, to uncanny conversations with an ex, amongst a few other themes. It features a couple of other artists who complement an intriguing style to this project.

Joey did dissociate from normalcy but still falls below expectation. I know he said it to be “just a collection of songs”, one would expect ‘LAVA FEELS’ to be an important hallmark in his career as an artist. The project fails to iterate his proclaimed dominance in his forte; it is a fallback and not a “pushing the limits” vibe.

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