“Head” might be the only movie that feels like a drab initially but leaves you curious as its captivating plot steers up the curiosity of the viewer to seek more details from within the movie as it plays on. It is a rare movie that I must say, wouldn’t captivate all except those with curious minds. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would because like I said, “it feels like a drab” initially due to the lack of color and silence throughout the movie.

The strength of this movie is in its vagueness as you can never fully understand what is going on thereby offering a challenge to your intellect. Also, its weakness is also in its vagueness. Maybe too vague at times which might be discouraging for anyone with a short attention span. The cinematography is basic but also deep in every sense of the word as it sets the tone of the movie from the onset. Camera angle and focus directed towards the head of the actor was the director’s way of telling us where he wanted our eyes to be and what he wanted us to see. The tone is a blend of loneliness, sadness and happiness. “Head” takes a bold approach as it is without sound. The actor utters some words occasionally but you can’t hear them neither are there sound effects to suggest the nature of a scene to the viewer. The acting is certainly unprofessional but he does a good job at riding back and forth between various emotions which certainly was catchy. In the end, it has a basic plot with a deeper meaning.

It has a deep meaning with no meaning in particular. In my opinion, the movie invites you to think for yourself and give it any meaning you desire. It suggests opinions to you through the actor changing emotions but you still have to ask yourself at every point in time “why those emotions?”. It gives the viewer the opportunity to make anything out of it and understand it in their own unique way hence the subjectivity that exists within the interpretation of the movie.

“Head” is a short silent movie that shows a young man smoking a cigarette but within that shenanigan, his emotion varies. He looks sad and lonely like he fell out of love, happy like the cigarette is his only source of joy and thoughtful like he is pondering his existence or worried about a particular issue in his life. Each scene shows him depict these emotions intermittently as he smokes his cigar. The director uses a smoke like effect for transitions between scenes like as if to describe the state of the actors’ mind; confused and clogged with smoke hence the reason for the intermittent emotion.

In conclusion, the movie has a very subjective meaning and no definite idea can be drawn from it but its beauty is also in its vagueness as the viewer only longs to extract their own personal meaning from it.


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