Sit back and let me take you through a journey of heartbreak and healing, Muyiwa said. In his Fourth EP, Muyiwa Akhigbe gives a narrative with BankyOnTheBeatz producing all the tracks; from the break-up in ANYMORE. Guys take time to process pain, so a breakup could hit a week later or way after, Muyiwa still reels from his breakup in HOUSE PARTY and tries to move on, what better way to move on, than to fall in love with someone else, Yvonne seems to be the rebound for Pamela (the ex). Ore Macaulay featured on HEALING speaks on the proper way to get over hurt; mending, restoration, wholeness, so one doesn’t pass it on to someone else, because hurt people, hurt people, you know?
Healing is my personal favorite on this EP, and the entire EP does tell the narrative well. Enough of what I think, let me know what you think about it, listen and drop your comments.

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