Gyakie’s MY DIARY is a Tender Documentation of Love

About two years after the release of her debut EP, SEED, Ghanaian songstress, Gyakie, stuns everyone with another EP titled, MY DIARY, released on July 22nd, 2022. The project is a 6-track collection of Gyakie’s sonic abilities and her dexterity at mashing up different tunes for an intriguing listening experience. The album is loaded with credits from major players in the music industry such as Davido, P.Priime, Altra Nova, and others. Gyakie is famed for her soft, airy vocals complemented with rich, husky undertones and she shines for these qualities in MY DIARY, making it an exceptional creation.

In the first song on the EP, “AUDIENCE”, she introduces herself and promises a good time, inviting us in with an open mind. So we have high expectations as we delve deeper into the project. The song and its title are particularly analogous because she sings as though before a physical audience which is evidenced by the background murmuring and consequent cheers at the end of the song. The elements of jazz which is imbued in the song confers, on listeners, a lighthearted, playful and relaxed feel.


She mellows it down in “FAR AWAY”, soulfully describing a love so primal that it falls in line with the self-sacrificing trope of passion. She sings, “Make I thief for your love I go do for you / If na to say if na to say / Make I slap for your love I go do for you / If na to say if na to say / Make I beg for your love I go do for you”. This song is a relatable rendition of the struggles and uncertainties involved in the dynamics of loving someone.


However in “FOR MY BABY”, she is more confident in her love and adulates her love interest, singing that their “love is fire”. The song is a soft mix of Afropop, R&B and Soul sung in a blend of English and Twi, her native language. Her vocals are especially soothing and mellifluous, lulling listeners into the haze of a love-drugged ambience. It is a seamless transition to “FLAMES” where Nigerian superstar, Davido, croons passionately alongside Gyakie to describe heated desires.

In the last song of the album, she introduces an unprecedented, but strong dancehall/reggae vibe that contrasts with the tender sonority of the song before it, “SOMETHING”. In “SOMETHING”, Gyakie sustains the love-stained mood, but the energetic baddie persona peeks through in “WAKA WAKA”. The rhythms are visceral thumps that give the EP much needed spice and flavour. She is relentlessly vibrant and self-assured on the song, singing: “Anybody violates / Tell dem we get squad around / Untouchable just like grenade” The song is an excellent conclusion to the project.

Gyakie satisfies all the high expectations prepped from the beginning. The songs are well balanced and toned down to give a soulful and soothing experience. Her EP is an evocative exploration of affairs of love and romance, one she handles in a selfless, pure, and authentic way.

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