If you’ve always imagined getting cozy with your lover under the full moon, the Full Moon Weekends EP is your go-to playlist for that whole night. WhoIsAkin pulls out this masterpiece as his debut project and it is a body of soothing R&B/Soul, Afropop sounds. With the help of Olayinka Ehi, he likens love to magic on the first song of the project, MAGIC. +234 has to be the new fuckboy anthem as Akin sings “heard you got a man that you’re into. well it’s the weekend, you can pull up on me..” On SPACE, he recalls the good times he had while having a fling with this chic and requests for his space after she messes things up. On 2:25, the artiste speaks about a girl being hooked on him despite having a lover. It’s really the best tune for “we shouldn’t be doing this” sex. On this last song, WhoIsAkin takes us to the club with easing sound, ENERGY. He talks about him being taken away by the energy his woman gives.

All in all, the project is a fusion of proper songwriting, smooth vocals and relaxing instrumentals. It’s something to take you on a short trip down memory lane with a loved one or previously loved one. WhoIsAkin has shown his worth with this new release, no wonder it’s made it into Nigeria’s Apple Music top 10 chart, in just less than a week of release. Full Moon Weekend EP is above the bar for me, I highly recommend!

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