Lagos born Mide is a singer and songwriter that creates a blend of RnB, Alternative & Pop Music, mainly inspired from love and occurring situations as he channels his thoughts through his word-play.
He releases a 5-track EP titled “From Mide, With Love”. This debut project comes after a set trail of singles and features in recent times. Mide gives Insight as Happiness and Love being his inspiration all through this debut project.
The opening track is “Pepe”, which refers to pepper here, not the plant but to accentuate a degree of difficulty that could be experienced if posed as an impediment to his love, “Let no one come in between our love, I go show them pepper”.
On “Feelings”, he expresses his state of being addlepated by a feminine magnificence, and trying to prove himself.
“For You” comes as a surprise resulting in being blown away, EMO Grae brought a symphony as an angel to the chorus, the duo sings with such brilliance while passing across sacrifices willing to be made for love.
The record reverberates with the energy of a conservative pop star navigating trends while grasping for them. Its production skews heavily towards sub-standard and seems like an experiment fairly turned out okay. Although the songs ring from generic to bland in sound quality, it gets salvaged by commendable vocal manipulations. “For You” showcases an artist with adaptable talent, beautiful beat and well-timed vocal cadences/flow with EMO Grae.
No doubt Mide is a good writer. Pushing creative boundaries could be risky especially in an already genre specific market, the album however isn’t lyrically informative, it’s a repetition of very familiar Nigerian love scenery and nothing new. Constant growth is the nature of the music industry, once we overlook the poor production, it is a bit of an enjoyable listen.
With its highs and lows, it’s an average debut project and we look forward to the evolution.

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