Love is arguably the strongest emotion you can ever feel as a person. Everyone’s in love with someone. How we end up falling in love is the million question we might never get an answer to. But one thing is certain, when you love someone your feelings for them can consume and you tend to do everything to make them happy and keep them.

Ghanaian artiste Freddie Gambini in his latest song explores what it means to be inlove with someone. Not just any type of love, a love the consumes you and makes you wanna bend for the one you’ve fallen for.

In this mid tempo afro-alte song titled “Drunk In Love” Freddie expresses his emotions and outlines what he’s willing to do for the woman he loves.

He tells the woman he is willing to go the extra mile for her so long as she is down for it. Although he decided not to love another, she’s an experience he won’t let pass him by. Gangster turn Prince charming, the story of a badman caught up in his feelings. Delve into this Kwesi Lu produced song out on all platforms.

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