Odunsi shows his growth and maturity on his new project, a bolder, although less polished version of what we’ve seen him do; he is here, might be queer, doesn’t care what you say or think and he’s here to stay.
Odunsi is the poster boy for the Alte music, and on his new offering he shows he has fully embraced this, sounding more confident than he did on previous records, on this project he is comfortable in his skin, and you only have to look at the title to get with the programme. This new confidence can be found throughout the whole projects with lines like (shawty wanna fuck me, wanna fuck santi) on wicked, sexy a banger filled with social media quotables,

ignoring a love interest on ‘airplane mode’, (blowing up my phone know she cannot get enough/I cannot be touched) on ‘shuga rush’ and even on tracks where he is trying to be sensitive like on ‘love in a mosh’ which is about falling in love with a ride or die, I’m assuming the mosh pit refers to the chaos around relationships.
Odunsi’s beat selection on this project is different from what we are used to, he leaves his usual sombre selections for a more expansive experience and Maison2500 is a big part of that change, the best tracks on the album are ‘wicked, sexy’ which is a literal anthem that sounds even better when shouted and the femme heavy ‘bodycount’ which features stellar verses from Detoblack, Amaarae and Gigiatlantis, Odunsi doesn’t even sing on the song.

The project sounds like it was created with concerts in mind because most of the tracks have repetitive lyrics, that latch on to you and make it easy to chant, and a run time of just fourteen (14) minutes corroborates this theory
The best thing Odunsi has done (in part with Santi, amongst others) is create a culture around their music, a culture that speaks their own language and to truly appreciate his music you have to be immersed in this culture, and he adds another title to his cap; the leader of the sluts.

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