The Nigerian pace setting status has seen a boom in creatives, in line with the African rise in social connectivity and online presence.
Port Harcourt born Parry-Nweye Elliot, stage named Elly Riddim is on a path to greatness. Across a sprawling discography made up of two singles, he keeps building a grand artiste persona. With his debut into music just last year, a single titled ‘PARTY ANIMAL’ amassed over 40k streams on Apple music, a heartwarming reception by Afrobeat & Dancehall fanatics, for his intuitive capacity to meld sounds and interpret emotions melodiously.
Unsurprising how heartbreaks bring synergy to music, Elly’s newest single ‘ATTENTION’ was inspired by one. Produced by Sosedave, over lightweight Afropop drum and catchy riffs he sings on his shortcomings in a relationship from not reciprocating attention, he’s hitting the falsetto while accepting his faults.
While ATTENTION is an assertion of his creative freedom, Elly Riddim seems to go more for fun filled, unradical and infectious leaving out lyrically informative
Elly Riddim teases that he has got an EP planned this year, titled ‘BIRTH OF ELLY’. Attempts at a sneak peek are futile, as the afrobeat newcomer leaving us to anticipate patiently.

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