Dwanye Nkkem Anolue shows positive progress since his debut EP ‘Lagos to the Moon’. Dwayne going by stage name of Dwanye$tunna, has self-proclaimed a diversity rare to Nigerian rappers and musicians, on a more solemn note in previous singles like ‘Temporary Forever’s’. Although an independent artist, he runs a label-like movement with a fellow artiste, hoping to build a music franchise under the name ‘Wasted Youth’, that could help other upcoming artistes in reaching their full potential.
He releases hot new single ‘Dash’ which is very brilliant with the warped out vocal samples, and thudding bass drums.

Dwayne sees Lil Wayne as a relevant figurehead to his music inspiration, particularly this single, his first of this year. In an interview, Dwayne teases he might have a mixtape dropping this year, so best stay tuned in.

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