DEROMAGIC taps VIZÉ for a new song which he captions, “RUN IT UP”. The single is a soft blend of trap rhythms and copacetic melodies that gently meld with the sultry vocals of VIZÉ. Its colourful image cover agrees with its themes that surround straightforward, blunt and ambitious subjects of embracing money-driven passions as love seems to be a hostile endeavour. The groovy, but tender, undertones which it carries presents it as an enjoyable jam that can be vibed to while chilling alone or turning up on the dance floor.


Born Aderoju Adeniji, DEROMAGIC is a Nigerian singer who is based in Lagos. He posits that his appetite for music burgeoned from the young age of eleven when he engaged in a classroom freestyle session. Citing music influences from 2000’s music and 80’s pop disco sounds, he mashes up elements of hip-hop, trap, and the alternative genre to create a distinct sound unique to his artistry. His first appearance in the music industry is demonstrated with his debut song, “Like Me” which featured NelsonEGH. Since then, he has gone on to add more songs like “Toxic”, “Killing Me Slowly”, “Ginger ME”, “For You” (feat. THRXNE), and so on to his discography. His high-energy performance has graced renowned shows like the 90s Baby Live Show, Pepsi Event, Flytime Festival, and an opening for Kida Kudz in Cyprus.


“Run IT UP” is stained with a magnetic quality, guaranteed to capture the hearts of listeners at first catch.

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