Chocolate City’s Tar1q Stuns on Debut EP — Son of the Moon

New Chocolate City signee, TAR1Q, debuts with an impressive EP, Son of the Moon (S.O.T.M). The project features appearances from stars like Blaqbonez and Ria Sean and is a collection of five tracks which demonstrates the genre of Neo-Afro that the artist claims as his distinct sound. Neo-afro, as a genre of music, is described as a more emotional version of the regular groovy Afrobeats and Afropop sounds. True to the artist’s claim, Son of the Moon, features a pervasive laidback quality that tugs at the heartstrings of listeners. From the first track on the EP to the last, TAR1Q’s delivery is reminiscent of a well-thought out masterpiece accompanied by skillful production from the likes of 10Ten and BMH.


Son of the Moon supplies diverse emotional experiences that range from unrequited love to life’s anxieties, sexual desires, and love dilemma. In the first song, “Bad Intentions”, we’re confronted with a man who is in the process of convincing a love interest to trust him with their heart. “I no be that kind boy wey go give you love wey get plenty comma,” TAR1Q sings, above lulling instrumentals that play their part at setting the mood for a love-dazed atmosphere. He shows that he is adept at making relatable records with a simplistic, but powerful approach that endears listeners at first contact.


There is a slight twist in “Emotions” where he represents a man stuck in a quagmire of feelings from different women. He croons, “I dey attached to different woman / They show me love in different pattern / I no fit choose cos nobody hotter” and we wonder where the faithful, lover-boy from “Bad Intentions” sits with this playboy, Lothario persona. However, in “Signals”, he reverts to focusing his attention on a single interest with the rhythmic beats of the song taking listeners to different levels of head-nodding, body-shaking vibrations. “Be Mine”, where we witness vocal performances from Ria Sean and Blaqbonez, takes on a sanguine, pop tempo underscored by harmonies from TAR1Q.


Son of the Moon is a captivating project, brimming with brain-tingling metaphors that lure listeners in. It gives an unambiguous insight into TAR1Q’s wonderful lyricism while providing listeners with a window into different facets of his life.  “Dear Insecurities”, the last song on the EP, portrays the artist at his most vulnerable as he sings, “I never knew that sacrifice and fears go be heavy load”. He sheds off all the ‘hard guy’, exposing his pain and humanising himself as susceptible to the everyday struggles that plague the average man.

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