These past few months have been tragic for the human race. The COVID-19 has taken a toll on the entire world and is on a mission to end human existence if not stopped soon. So far, the WHO has recorded 1,030,628 confirmed cases of the virus in the world today and approximately 54,137 deaths.

The virus, which is easily communicable is spreading rapidly across the world and is proving hard to contain, even in countries with the best healthcare systems. A few countries have enforced nationwide lockdowns or lockdowns in states with high risk cases. This has however affected everyone in one way or the other. Businesses are closing down, religious gatherings, events and shows have been cancelled.

Emphasis on the “..shows have been canceled”. Yes, a couple of popular events, concerts and tours had to be shut down or postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, some of them which include the Coachella Festival, Davido’s ‘A Good Time’ tour, Afro Nation Festival, Asa’s ‘Lucid’ tour, Brymo’s Blasphemy concert and a few others. The COVID-19 is taking on us in every way you can think of and for everyone involved in the entertainment business, it’s really been “fucking up the bag”. But regardless, the pandemic can’t stop our shine and fun as a few battles, challenges and trends have rocked the world this quarantine season, especially on social media.

First, we kicked off with tissue papers as the #StayAtHomeChallenge went viral on the internet. This was followed by the #SomethingNewChallenge which involves people lining up before they each perform a short series of dance moves directly in front of a camera. It is regularly done with the 2017 Wiz Khalifa song, Something New featuring Ty Dolla Sign. Currently, the #Don’tRushChallenge/BopDaddyChallenge which is an opportunity for everyone to exhibit their makeup skills, fashion styles and drip, is spreading faster than the COVID-19 itself.
We’ve had a lot of celebrities and entertainers jump on these challenges as Canadian rapper, Drake, did inspire one from his just released Toosie Slide music video. In the video, the artiste walks round his mansion as he demonstrates his slick new dance craze which has birth the #ToosieSlideChallenge.

Asides these challenges, we’ve witnessed a couple of music production battles as a few world renowned beat makers have gone head to head on Instagram live to prove who’s given the world the most hits. Also, a few apps like Houseparty and TikTok have been vital in keeping everyone entertained in this quarantine season.

So what are you waiting for? Jump on all these and don’t be a buzzkill this isolation period. And always remember #StayHomeStayAlive.

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