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“if I can see far, its by standing on the shoulders of giants” – Brian Tracy

The prospect of Music pacesetting has been an interesting one. Afro-fusion singer and songwriter Daniel Benson more popularly known by “Buju”, an acronym for Beauty Underneath Just Understood, finds himself following in the footsteps of his speculated idol and current record label boss Burna Boy. His signing to Spaceship Records marked an intro to cementing his big break in the music industry.

Buju came into the limelight following a single that featured mainstream street popular artiste Zlatan and has gone on to retain attention with the production of unequivocal singles as masterpieces.
Introspect to Buju, beyond coming through with the lamba, we see early traits of an egotistical attitude, along with being perilously direct in speaking his mind. Established from a controversy on Twitter between Buju and Foresythe, where we saw an assertion pulling down a respective artistes art. However, Buju is one to acknowledge his mistakes and adjudicate, as he tendered an apology via public statement shortly after.
Who better to show Buju the ropes than the reigning king of African music?

Burna reflects both the depth and the immense breadth of black musical expression. Burna through his music also fights for his people, not shying away from topics like corruption, police brutality, and the everyday struggle of living in Nigeria. Also giving back to the community when he can. Burna’s essence is beyond music, well described in a quote by Martin Luther King “our lives stop to matter, when we keep quiet about things that matter”.
It is expected with time that Buju broadens his lyrical expression, without conforming and changing his unique sound. Success shouldn’t come at the expense of authenticity, Burna doesn’t seem to care much for validation as he sees music from a perspective beyond bland rhyming and party tunes.
Buju shouldn’t be seen as dwelling in Burna’s shadow, but rather drawing inspiration. Progress takes time, life is constant rediscovery, Buju may constantly reinvent himself, until he becomes the artiste at full potential that he wishes to be.


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