Trap influenced producer Tolulope preferring to go by his tag AGBNOTNICE, released this single in collaboration with Big Daddy Kave. The track was engineered by Bola BMH, and is heavily inspired by cars: its history in Nigeria, the effect it has on transportation and a notable remark about Vin Diesel the main character in the Fast & Furious franchise.

In this song, BDK talks about speeding in Lagos, dodging police and picking up girls. In the first verse, BDK uses common driving terms to imply intimacy. He mentions Buka Suka Dimka who shot Muritala in a Mercedez Benz and Funmilayo Kuti the first Nigerian woman to drive a car. Then goes on to use a simile implying the incredulity Vin Diesel would to catch up to him in a race.

The adlibs and ambience back vocals give this record an airy feel, it aims for a flex song at that and nailed it, however the production could be better..

Listen to 2Kars here

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