Fast rising Nigerian R&B/Soul artiste – Bibicentric, releases her debut project titled Monophobia. The 5 track EP is singer/songwriter’s introductory project into the music scene. It is a combination of elite songwriting, soothing vocals and awesome production with every song recorded live.

On this one, Bibicentric doesn’t make the mistake of hiding her emotions. As the EP title meaning “fear of being alone”, she takes us on a journey of love mixed with pleasure and pain. With songs like What Love Feels Like, Toxic & You, she sings from a place of pain, from possibly bad experiences from previous relationships. She expresses her feelings as she sings over sounds from various instruments which are very relaxing.

On Magic, she sings in admiration of a certain lover. The way he looks and the way he makes her feel. It’s a really beautiful song that’ll get you reminiscing about your significant other.

She preaches perseverance on the last track – Mama’s Prayers. It brings a perfect ending to the project with the voice of an elderly woman saying some prayers in Yoruba, presumably her Mother.

Bibicentric’s Monophobia is a classic love story; it’s something that sets the mood – good or bad love, regardless. She’s quite new to the Nigerian music scene, and with Monophobia, she’s done something very different from her peers, and with the rise of the R&B genre in recent times, she has a solid chance to be heard. She’s a few steps into the right direction and we hope to hear more from her in due time.

Listen to Bibecentric – Monophobia the EP, now!

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