Ever since starting music in 2016, the young Abuja based artiste Begho has taken music from a means of self-expression to become a way of self-discovery and reinvention. Begho has been known to be active at the forefront of new school hip-hop, on features alongside acts like Tochi Bedford, AylØand Santi.

The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting. His artistic excogitation takes form once more presenting a new 3-part single ‘Before the Run’, his first release this year, with all songs mixed and mastered by Begho himself and Beyo. The album art by KODAKTOKYO depicts a character Begho intended, patiently waiting, before taking a run. Begho declared this project to be themed on love, accentuating a growing relationship with his lover.

It starts with ‘Cadillac’, invigorating with a throbbing mix of drums and synth over his effortless rap flows, he radiates confidence “seriously y’all can’t handle me”. While ‘cadillac’ digresses from the theme, ‘love me more’ cements, it is a reminisce on his journey with a lover. On ‘low fashion’, Begho evolves beyond just sexual attraction and craves intimacy.

This project is a prelude as he teases this to be a taste off his other project coming at an unknown release date, justifying the fugacity intended yet negligible cause of the superb quality. Begho really did make this worth the wait.

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