Some weeks ago, Asake teased a snippet of a new song where he sampled the audio from the viral video of a policewoman in a moving vehicle yelling, “help me, help me, dem dey carry me go where I no know!” Much to the glee of his eager fans, he released the new single which he titled “Peace be Unto You” on June 16th, 2022. Lacing copacetic, Afro, syncopated beats with his usual Pidgin-Yoruba mixture and lyrics that mostly revolve around hedonistic themes, Asake’s “Peace Be Unto You” functions as an integral facet in the regular groove of frenzied gyrations.

When Asake burst out with his EP, Ololade Asake, featuring crazy hits, he was benchmarked as one of the hottest sensations in the music industry. With his ever-jovial personality that we see in his music videos, interviews, etc, and his hard-hitting, dance-inducing music, you’re left with very little choice — you just have to like both the guy and his songs.

However, currently, he has been confronted by his social media fans with claims that he has stuck to the same beats since “Sungba”,

closely following the trail with “Palazzo” and now with “Peace Be Unto You”. While a large group of opinions seem to fall in line with the general claim, others affirm that they don’t mind and avow to love whatever Mr Money puts out, regardless.


If fans are complaining, maybe he needs to switch up the rhyming pattern and the production style of the beats or, in accordance with the other set of opinions, ‘monotony’ may just be a familiar territory that the hitmaker believes he needs to maintain in order to keep making hits. Whichever way, Asake keeps creating great songs. His massive success has helped build a clear track that leads his fans straight to yearning and anticipation for his upcoming album, Mr Money With The Vibe.

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