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Music has somewhat been an escape from the troubling events this year, with these previous days bringing in its wake; Social injustice and racial discrimination, sexual assault and rape, then there’s the unending scourge of COVID-19, the global pandemic that has left us devoid of all physical social activities. One thing that has kept a couple of us sane in these times is the beautiful art called Music, and in the past few months, we’ve witnessed a couple of releases that have kept us on our toes.

In the month of May, we experienced releases from numerous artistes; EPs, albums and singles. But there was one which stood out for us, a project which is an effortless combination of a varying sounds, great songwriting and soothing vocals, one which showcased the artiste’s versatility. It is the ‘Forever or Whatever EP’ by the highly talented Alternative artiste, Wagada.

Wagada is a versatile R&B powerhouse that gives you feeling through his gentle voice, angelic refrains and strong delivery. His first EP ‘Forever or Whatever’ is a hallmark, with four tracks as a romantic odyssey for the listener.

Speaking to the artiste on what inspired the project, he had this to say:

“Well I was going through a relationship and everything you hear in the EP is a true story.”

It’s no news that some of the best music are those that come from the heart, those which are inspired by true life experiences. According to Wagada, it’s called “honest music.”

Prior to the recently released EP, the artistes had put out two singles in 2019. He also did share, discreetly, a link to an unreleased song with a very big surprise feature, to some of his fans via email a few days ago. We’re so sorry if you missed that, and hope he puts the song out soon. He also mentioned that we should be expecting a remix for one of the songs off the EP, very soon.

Wagada is a talented artiste with a broad musical range, we expect his growth from an uncertain singer to a bonafide triple threat as he continues to refine his sound.


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