“AG baby is your baby” Adekunle Gold exclaims. He opens up giving insight on his journey to Afro pop, regarding it as trepidatious. A challenging one, but reassuring his very existence that music is his calling. It is perfectly true, as philosophers say that life must be understood backwards. But they forget the other proposition that it must be lived forwards. AG baby has been on a journey of self-discovery, constantly reinventing himself and his music. You would know following his progress from his single ‘Sade’, about his lack of romantic success, which led to his prominence, eventually creating the prior recognition that would go on to retain the attention of his current fanbase.

Adekunle Gold has since then discarded that insecurity of his earlier character.
This project starts with a pre-released single AG Baby, an introduction of his rejuvenated self with his newfound energy towards his art, featuring Nailah.
While Sabina could be taken to mean a feminine character, the line “Don’t give up on me yet, I’m coming back for what have lost” could also be inferred as a call to his fans. Did you think him to be washed up? “Oh no! I’m here to stay”, he asserts. Well, while the normalcy is fighting to retain the attention of his love here Sabina.
We talking versatility, and see what AG did here with Patoranking on Pretty Girl, AG has no problem smooth sailing the reggae beats, known to be a Patoranking forte.
While using Nigerian popular phrase “we go dey okay” that reiterates resilience in the face of difficulties, AG sings about his aspirations and how all things work out in the end on Okay.
The impressive trumpeter brings a brilliant tone to this song, a genius addition by the producer to AGs amazing vocals. He sings of romantic getaways, being there for his lover, and offering reassurances of his feelings on Here for Ya.
On Exclusive, with an attempt to define a nameless kind of relationship, AG and Olayinka Ehi decide to answer with “we are exclusive”, as they combine to bring a synergy of impressive vocals.
Clearly expressive about cravings, ‘Body no be firewood’ is a term, that refers to wanting sexual intimacy. He teams up with Tekno who has been missed on the music scene, and is a most pleasant addition to this banger titled Firewood.
The uncertainty of romanticism is such that it requires total devotion with optimism, AG sings on how things could’ve gone different, if she didn’t disqualify him for his financial difficulties on Something Different.
A tard bit to harsh a consequence for lies, but such are the natures of promises, that they need to be convincing. “Water carry me go if I lie for you love”, AG baby such a silver-tongued lover willing to do anything for his love on Water Carry Go.
Regret seeps out, consequences of his intoxication, as he sings about a dastardly mistake with his Ex on My Ex.

All in all, Afropop Vol. 1 is an extremely different body of work from Adekunle Gold’s previous albums. The album not only lacks the life lessons that often cover a huge a part of his projects, but also lacks the folk-like, highlife sounds he’s mostly known for. The latter is no surprise as the album title implies. In the end, it’s a 10-track project filled with love, and as earlier mentioned, a view of his journey so far in music.

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